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Paperless141© provides Software Solutions for complete automation in the General Aviation industry, specializing in Part 61 and Part 141 Flight School and Flying Club Operations, Administration and Part 141 Certification.

We provide fully computerized record keeping for PART 141 and PART 61 Ground and Flight curriculum's.

For your School, FBO, Flying Club or Flight Operations:

Resource Scheduling (Web and Remote Desktop)
- including non aircraft resources, checking of currencies for pilots, instructors and aircraft insurance requirements
Complete Customer/Student/Instructor/AMT Accounts, with Group capabilities.

Rental billing (multiple rate levels for groups), split reporting of management fees and leaseback payments.
Block rates and Package billing support.

Instructor, Pilot billing and compensation (Flight, Ground, Pre/Post) 
as contractors or employees (see QuickBooks integration below)

Point Of Sale (POS) Integration, certified for EMV (Chip Cards),
Debit, Credit, Apple Pay, Android Pay etc.

Full finance and payment reporting, alerts and auto-bill on overdue    accounts

Full tracking and reporting of Aircraft usage, Leaseback- and Management Fees.
Multiple Location (airport) support (Account grouping, Schedule grouping, Reporting per location)

Secure Document Storage for flight records, TSA, IACRA and Sevis documents

Pilot and CFI currency requirements tracking (Flight review dates, CFI expiration, TSA awareness training),
CFI Proficiency records, Pilot Endorsements
TSA process tracking for foreign students (+ AC60-28, Visa Types, Visa expiration dates, Passport expiration, Driver License expiration)
I20 Expiration, FPC Expiration.
Renters Insurance documentation and expiration tracking.

Daily Alert summary for administrators about any expiring data.

Aircraft Maintenance Tracking and Alerting and AMT reminders

Aircraft Maintenance logbook stickers

Aircraft Part Lifecycle Tracking (Helicopter)

Parts Inventory, Purchase Orders, Work Order process and billing with
AMT compensation (contractors an employees)

Aircraft fuel sales with per storage tank and fuel grade recordkeeping
We are maintaining 100% integrity of all records required of schools by the FAA, TSA and SEVIS.

Full QuickBooks® (Intuit) Desktop Integration is included for easy month-end accounting and aircraft leaseback processing as well as payroll and contractor(1099) integration.


Our built-in courses for your record keeping:
Fixed Wing: 
Sport, Private, Instrument, Commercial (SE & ME), Multi-Engine Add-On, CFI, CFII, MEI
Private, Private Add-On, Instrument and Commercial, Commercial Add-On, CFI, CFII 
...and we can add your custom curriculum !

Ground School, in-house or external, tracking
Individual grading on all flight lessons with lesson specific Grade Items.
Progress tracking per Student per Course.
Assurance for Part 141 students that all prescribed maneuvers have been executed with passing grades.
If you want to start a PART 141 School we can provide a turnkey Training Course Outline and Application Package that will get you through the full FAA certification process.
We'll help you through everything, step-by-step.
Your transition to automation is as easy as a calling us.

(408) 426-8060

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